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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Daly City Company is among the well-reputed and highly experienced service provider and we have been in the air duct cleaning business for the past ten years.

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Air Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement

You can trust the experts of Air Duct Replacement because they can install the best materials with precision and make your life much better.

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Dryer Duct Cleaning

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Heavy and consistent use of dryers requires heavy duty cleaning. Air Duct Cleaning in Daly City is here to take care of it for you!


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Outstanding air duct repair and maintenance. Experts in HVAC cleaning

Below is a collection of air duct cleaning tips. They are simplified for your convenience.

Regular dryer vent cleaning is required

When you first buy a dryer, the vents can remove the dirt and lit concentrated in the ducts but as time passes by cleaning a dryer vent becomes essential. If you don't do dryer air system cleaning often, the appliance won't work properly and there is also a small possibility to cause fire according to the experts at Air Duct Cleaning Daly City.

How to reduce home humidity

Negligence to do dryer vent cleaning is one of the most usual reasons for increased humidity indoors and, at the same time, air is polluted by the filthy air ducts. Dryer vents cleaning will prolong the life of your appliance according to the experts from Air Duct Cleaning Daly City and the dryer will operate properly without consuming more than the necessary energy.

Protect your clients and business

Many restaurants were ruined not because they served bad quality food but because they didn't maintain clean kitchens and fresh dining areas. The filthiness collected in air ducts is unparalleled, especially in kitchens and that's why restaurant dryer vent cleaning must take place often. Restaurants are required to check their kitchen exhaust system regularly and clean the dryer vent exhaust hood to keep the atmosphere clean.

Make sure air is distributed to all rooms

It's wise to check that all rooms inside the house are ventilated well through the main system. In a different case, ventilating cleaning will be necessary. If the problem is not fixed, it might be a problem with the ducts. If they are cracked, air won't be distributed evenly at all rooms. In this case, air duct repair will be in order.

Clean a perimeter of at least two feet around the HVAC condenser unit

Remove any plants including flowers and small shrubs from this perimeter. Make sure that there is no gravel either. When the perimeter is perfectly clear, the risk of debris getting stuck inside the unit’s fans will be a lot lower. As a result, the entire system will work more effectively while using less energy.

Keep HVAC components dry

Eliminating moisture from certain parts of the air duct can go a long way in ensuring that organic matter does not accumulate on the interior surfaces. As mentioned before, moisture can give rise to mold, which in turn can pollute the entire air duct. Regular HVAC maintenance to keep it neat and dry can allow you to easily prevent this problem.

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